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When we see your pooch walking up with you to check-in, we get just as excited as they are that you’ve chosen to have a dog-friendly vacation in North Carolina. We are huge dog people at Landmark Vacation Rentals.

We imagine how extraordinarily exciting it is to visit an outdoor paradise like the Highlands-Cashiers plateau from a dog’s perspective. So, we had one of our favorite Landmark ambassador pups write about their experience in the mountains to give you an idea of what your dog-friendly vacation or just a dog-friendly day trip in NC will look like.

Murray’s Dog-Friendly Vacation in North Carolina

Day One: Today isn’t like most days. Mom is packing lots of bags. She’s packing her camera and she’s got her shoes on. Oh, boy. She’s putting my harness on, and that means I’m going, too!

We’re out the door. I’m really good at jumping in the car all by myself and she tells me I’m a good girl. I love the car because it’s magic. Mom and I get in and we sit for a little while and then we end up somewhere surprising together. Sometimes, it’s one of my favorite places, and sometimes it’s somewhere totally new.

Okay, we drove past the vet. That was a close call.

We are going and going and going. It feels like years and years. We make a few stops so I can go to the bathroom. This is really unusual. Where could we be going?

I stick my head out the window. Gosh, it feels cooler outside! And none of the smells are the same. This is somewhere new! The big highway is gone and the roads are curvier. Oh…now, I get it! We are going to the mountains!

We get out of the car at a beautiful cabin. So many new smells. I’m so excited! After some unpacking, mom puts me in the car and we drive to a place called The Ugly Dog in Cashiers. I wonder if only ugly dogs can come inside, because if that’s the case, I won’t be allowed. I’m very cute. Mom says The Ugly Dog is just an expression, and all dogs are welcome to eat with their owners on the outside patio. So, I hang out with my mom while she has dinner and a drink. After that we drive back to the cabin. I need some sleep before I go on any more new adventures!

Day Two: We had breakfast and we are getting in the car AGAIN. This is so exciting! Car rides are my favorite and we just keep going on them. I stick my head out the window. We are on a street with pretty Christmas lights everywhere. I hear mom say it’s Highlands Main Street.

We park and start walking. We go into the stores and all of the people in the stores welcome me in and pet me. Mom says if I’m good we’ll go get treats, so I make sure I’m really, really good.

One store on Main Street has dogs coming in and out. We go in and it’s a store for me! There are toys and treats everywhere! This is Highlands Mountain Paws. My mom goes to the treat buffet and fills baggies of natural treats for me while I greet a new Poodle friend in the store. She grabs a new rope toy, too. After we check out, we get back in the car and I get to enjoy one of my treats…but not for long!

We get in the car and just minutes later, we are at Highlands Dog Park! There are so many dogs for me to play with. I take up with an Australian Shepherd and we run and run and run all around the dog park. Mom pulls out the rope toy she bought for me at Highlands Mountain Paws and the Australian Shepherd named Lucy and I start playing my favorite game, tug-of-war.

Finally, I’m so tired. I just plopped down right there in the dog park. I’m ready for a nap. So, mom and I load up, and we head back to our pet-friendly cabin. She put me in my crate for a much-needed break from all the excitement, and told me that she and her friends are going out to shop and have a nice dinner at Wolfgang’s in Highlands.

Day Three: Mom is driving the car and she tells her friend that she’s so happy they took a dog-friendly vacation in North Carolina. And I sure am happy, too! We drive for a while and end up at Panthertown Valley. This makes me a little scared because I’ve heard panthers are big, mean cats. But, mom says there are no panthers, so I guess we can give it a try.

I love being outside in the mountains. The fresh mountain air feels so good. There are so many new sounds and smells in the woods that I don’t recognize, but I still love picking up on them. Finally, we come to our destination and I can’t believe it. It’s water, but a lot of it and it’s moving really fast and loud. And there’s a pool where it ends for me to play! Mom says we’ve reached Granny Burrell Falls. I wade around in the water, and she tells me I’m a great swimmer. We eventually have to leave the falls, but we keep walking through the woods for a while. It feels great to be outside with my mom. We make it back to the car, and I curl up on a towel to get dry.

Mom says there is one more stop before we head home. We pull into a parking lot and we go into the building. Whoa! There are paintings of dogs all over the walls. A nice lady comes from behind a desk and hands me a treat. Okay, I like it here. Everyone is asking to pet me and asking my mom what kind of dog I am. She proudly tells them I’m a Wheaten Terrier. I jump up on one of their cozy couches while she speaks to them. She thanks them for the pet-friendly accommodations and asks them about booking another pet-friendly cabin with them next spring.

I get super excited because this means I get to come with her again! Anywhere my mom goes is my favorite place, but I really do love the mountains. They hand my mom some information and it says Landmark Vacation Rentals. Now I know who to call if my mom forgets to book her next trip to the mountains. Dog-friendly vacations in North Carolina are the only vacations I want her to go on from now on!

Is a Dog-Friendly Vacation in North Carolina Right for Me?

As you can guess, from Murray’s perspective, yes! If you have a dog that loves being outside and loves meeting new people and pooches, there is nothing you could do to make your dog happier than to bring them on your vacation to the mountains. At Landmark Vacation Rentals, we have plenty of dog-friendly vacation rentals to choose from and we are happy to help you pick the perfect one for you. Give us a call and let us help you put together a dog-friendly vacation in North Carolina that you and the family pup are sure to love.