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In today’s fast-paced world, planning and booking a vacation can sometimes seem like a monumental task. Maybe you’re a power couple with a busy schedule, or you have an unpredictable agenda, or unforeseen circumstances just got in the way of your upcoming trip. Whatever the case, Landmark Vacation Rentals is here to make sure you can plan your vacation with peace of mind Flexcation™ Options. Airplane rates and other travel methods have never been more affordable, but we understand that the unpredictable nature of the coronavirus pandemic is a big factor in your vacation plans. Flexcation™ Options are here so you can book with confidence and be covered if something comes up and you have to alter your plans.

Do you worry about booking a vacation and having to cancel? The solution is FlexcationTM Options from Landmark Vacations. When you book a vacation rental home with Flexcation™ Options, you are booking with confidence and giving you and your loved ones peace of mind.

What is a FlexcationTM Vacation?

what is a flexcation vacation landmark

With more flexible school and work arrangements, many families and solo travelers are embracing the new Flexcation™ travel trend. We’re seeing families, couples and individuals staying longer and mixing work and play. Working and attending school from anywhere gives us more options. Work in paradise with extraordinary Western North Carolina mountain views and go for a quick hike and take in the scenery when you need a break. It’s now easier than ever to find a work-life balance while you’re staying in paradise. These new Flexcation™ opportunities give vacationers more choices if something comes up and they have to reschedule and alter their plans:

  • Reschedule with peace of mind
  • Choose from refund options including a 50% refund
  • Lock in your vacation rental’s reservation prices
  • Choose optional vacation insurance

When Should I Take a FlexcationTM?

The new Flexcation™ trend means families are considering staying longer in September and October and other peak travel months throughout the year. Landmark’s new Flexcation™ Options mean vacationers are thinking about taking extended vacations and making the most of their time. Now that we can work from anywhere in the world, people are taking advantage of the new trend and freedom to plan the ultimate Western North Carolina vacation.

What are the Benefits of the Latest FlexcationTM Travel Trend?

what are the benefits of a flexcation vacation

There are so many ways to benefit from Flexcation™ Options. We all need FlexcationTM flexibility built in to our vacations so we can take in all that the charming towns of Cashiers and Highlands have to offer, discover waterfalls and hike our favorite trails on our own schedule.

We outline a few reasons below why it’s a smart move to plan ahead and book your next solo trip, romantic getaway or family vacation with Landmark’s Flexcation™ Options:

  • You can relax with ease and travel on your own schedule.
  • Easily work and do remote learning from your vacation home with a secure Wi-Fi connection.
  • Lockdown average nightly rates for your next Western North Carolina vacation.
  • Take extended vacations and explore all that the area has to offer. You’ll get to stay longer and you’ll get the most out of your stay.
  • Reserve your vacation rental during the holiday travel season months ahead of your summer travel date.
  • Take longer vacations.
  • Enjoy a more comfortable work-life balance while you’re taking in mountain vistas.
  • Booking a vacation rental with flexible school schedules.
  • Making sure you get that change in scenery and time to relax with complete peace of mind booking.

Are Their Different Types of Flexcation™ Options Available?

It’s vital to be able to reschedule trips in case something comes up, especially now. We understand that and that’s why you have the ability to reschedule your vacation, regardless of the reason. If personal or business-related issues come up that prevent you from arriving on your scheduled date, you no longer need to worry. A FlexcationTM gives you the option to hold onto your vacation rental and reschedule without missing out on your entire deposit. A sigh of relief never felt so good!

FlexcationTM Options are the new easy way to travel and we go over the three FlexcationTM Options for you below:

3 Different Flexcation™ Policies

With a Landmark Vacations Flex CancellationTM Policy, your next trip and vacation rental booking never felt more secure. You will have the option of choosing a 50% refund or changing your reservation. That’s the best type of booking we can offer. Everything is better with a little peace of mind.

If your booking is canceled between a time period of 6 and 30 days before your scheduled arrival date, you may decide between a 50% refund or a one-time date change on your stay.

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Semi-Flex Cancellation Policy Option

A Semi-Flex Cancellation Policy gives you more wiggle room and peace of mind because you know you still have the choice to receive a partial refund and you also have the chance to reschedule your trip should any type of issue arise and prevent you from proceeding with your scheduled travel plans. You can also decide to re-book the dates if you reschedule more than 30 days out from your planned vacation visit.

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Standard Cancellation Policy Option

A Landmark Vacations Standard Cancellation Policy still gives you that cancellation flexibility you want, if you cancel your vacation more than 90 days before you’re scheduled to check-in. Optional trip insurance is available to help protect you if you need to change your dates and reschedule your vacation.

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Reserve Your FlexcationTM with Landmark Vacations Today

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No matter which Landmark Vacations rental property you choose, the good news is there are Flexcation™ Options for every type of traveler. Even if you have to change your plans and visit our mountain paradise on a different date, the scenery, mountain views, hiking and small town charm will still be here waiting for you. Landmark Vacations will also keep you up-to-date on Covid 19 guest safety protocols so you feel safe and confident about your next North Carolina plateau vacation. Landmark will also keep you updated with our Covid 19 updates. We understand the need for flexibility and we want to make sure you enjoy your vacation, feel safe and can focus on all the lasting memories you’ll create with your loved ones.

For more information on the Flexcation™ Options, or if you have any questions before you book your next Western North Carolina vacation, contact us today! We’re here to help.