We are open and the mountains are waiting for you!

Landmark Vacations is accepting reservations and guests for any length of stay.

Welcome back! We can’t wait to see you!

Guest safety and cleanliness guidelines have always been a top priority for Landmark Vacations guests. In these uncertain times, we have enacted Coronavirus vacation rental safety guidelines to ensure you can book your Landmark vacation with confidence and enjoy all of our vacation rentals. Ensuring the safety of our guests is Landmark Vacation’s number one priority. Our staff and Housekeeping Department take precautions to maintain clean and safe environments to protect the health, safety and security of our guests in our rental properties and at our offices. We know our properties sanitized and clean is vitally important.

Coronavirus Vacation Rental Safety Guidelines For You

Here are some of the steps we take to provide the best guest service possible.

Our Office

  • We are performing daily sanitization of the lobby area using a hospital-grade disinfectant
  • Hand sanitizer is available for employee and guest use
  • Restrooms are for employee use only
  • Check-In packages will be on a credenza in the lobby with your name on it
  • When checking out, please place keys in the basket provided. Keys are sanitized after each use.

At Your Vacation Rental…


  • A new roll of toilet paper, with the wrapper on it, will be on the dispenser, one additional, wrapped roll will be on the back of the toilet
  • Individually wrapped soap will be at the sink


  • An amenity kit is provided for each reservation that includes dish soap, an individually wrapped scrub sponge, dishwasher tabs, laundry detergent, wrapped roll of paper towels.


  • Decorative pillows, bedding, throw blankets typically in rentals will be stored in closets.
  • Beds will be made with fitted and flat sheets and one blanket. Pillows have pillow protectors and pillowcases.
  • Bathroom towels are provided.
  • As always, all towels, sheets, blankets are professionally laundered after departure

Before Departure

  • Please strip linens from beds and place in the bedroom floor
  • Please leave used bathroom towels in the bathroom
  • Please load and start the dishwasher – Use the sanitize cycle if available
  • Set thermostat to 55
  • Remove all trash from the residence
  • Be sure all doors and windows are closed

Guest Services – Housekeeping & Maintenance

  • We are following cleaning standards set in place by the Vacation Rental Management Association.
  • Housekeeping is encouraged to wear masks, gloves, and face shields
  • All touch surfaces including upholstery are being sanitized prior to cleaning. After the home is cleaned, and prior to a guest’s arrival, all high-touch surfaces are sanitized.
  • To limit interaction for everyone’s safety, guest maintenance calls will be limited to emergencies. Emergencies do not include internet, remotes, loss of TV service. We will do our best to walk guests through troubleshooting over the phone.

Is It Safe to Travel During COVID-19?

If you take the necessary precautions and follow the advice of the CDC for travel, we have your vacation rental homes ready for you and property cleaned to all CDC recommendations. Our beautiful, natural outdoor spaces are some of the most popular places to visit and you can feel safe being outdoors during this pandemic as well. Our guests want to know that they can safely enjoy our gorgeous mountains again. As you plan to visit and anticipate your vacation, be sure to check our local county websites for their current coronavirus status.