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One of the most popular pastimes of residents here on the plateau is playing tennis. As a visitor, you might wonder where can I play tennis in Highlands, NC? We have many visitors and residents on the plateau who take part in the sport of tennis; for leisure and participating on competitive teams! Although most tennis courts in the area are offered through club memberships, through certain vacation rentals, these club amenities may apply to you as well!

History of Tennis

Tennis is considered one of the oldest sports as early forms of the game were played in Europe during the 1100s. Tennis is even mentioned in the literature of William Shakespeare as “tennis balles” in Henry V dating back to 1599. Although, of course, rules of the sport have developed and changed over time, they have been consistent since the first Wimbledon tennis tournament in 1877. With such consistency throughout the sport, it makes it rather easy to pick up the rules of the game. Today, the modern game of tennis is played by millions of people in clubs and on public courts throughout the world.

Why Plays Tennis?

Some may wonder why tennis in Highlands, NC is so popular. There are many reasons why tennis is so popular. One main reason is that it’s a sport for all ages! Children, teens, parents, grandparents, and even great grandparents play the sport. Tennis is considered a lifetime sport due to it being low impact, while also being a non-contact sport. The sport also provides many health benefits as well, like improving endurance, muscular fitness, flexibility, and reactivity. Successful tennis players vary in all different sizes and shapes. While many tennis players are great athletes, it is not necessary to be a certain height, or weight, and you also don’t have to be the fastest or strongest.

Tennis can be played as an individual sport or as a team sport. You can always play singles or doubles. Doubles can consist of a mens or womens team, but can also be mixed, where everyone plays together! This makes tennis a social game, giving you a great opportunity to meet others with similar interests while also having fun out on the court.

How to Play Tennis

Tennis only requires a few pieces of equipment, a tennis racket, tennis ball, tennis shoes, and comfortable clothing! The goal of tennis is to hit the ball back and forth across the net until a point is scored. To score a point, your opponent must miss the ball, hit it out of bounds, or hit the net. It is important to remember you are waiting for your opponent to make a mistake, so you must focus and concentrate on hitting over the net.

One of the most intimidating things to learn about the sport is the scoring system. Each point adds up to a game, and games add up to set, and winning sets lead to winning the match! Points go like this: zero: love, first point :15, second point: 30, third point: 40, fourth point: game. Additional scoring terms include: tied score, except when you have a deuce, deuce: score 40-40, ad in: server needs one more point to win, ad out: receiver needs one more point to win. In order to win a game, you must be two points up. In order to win a game, you must win at least six games and be ahead by two in order to claim a set. Once two sets have been won, then you have won the match!

There are many additional terms and skills to learn about tennis beyond the basics, and some clubs instruct tennis in Highlands, NC. They teach the way of the game, rules, and help with developing helpful skills on the court.

Tennis in Highlands, NC

Mountain Laurel Tennis Cub – The Mountain Laurel Tennis Club is a private club in Highlands, NC. This facility is open year-round with 24-hour access for members. They host activities that include weekly tennis round robins, and private and group tennis lessons in Highlands, NC.

Highlands Falls Country Club – Highlands Falls has an immensely active tennis program, along with interactive programs for every level of player. Their tennis center consists of three outdoor Har-Tru courts and offers a wide variety of clinics Monday through Saturday. They host interclub activity along with ladder play, members enjoy parties held on the tennis deck throughout the season as well as fine cuisine prepared for the events.

Highlands Country Club – In 2014 Highlands Country Club completed their major renovation of their Life Enhancement Center. The LEC provides an abundance of features, one of them is their Har-Tru tennis courts!

Cullasaja Club – Cullasaja’s tennis center features four Har-Tru courts, and two popular observation decks for spectators. Matches can be arranged at any time by contacting a tennis professional. They offer private and group instructions as well as clinics that teach basic elements of the game. Cullasaja offers a full-service tennis shop within their facility with the latest gear such as rackets, balls, tennis attire, and they also provide regripping and restringing.

Wildcat Cliffs Country Club – Wildcat Cliffs members and their guests enjoy tennis on two carefully maintained clay courts. Ladies tennis is weekly on Monday and Friday, while mens tennis takes place on Tuesdays.

Town of Highlands Recreation Center – The Highlands Recreation Park offers two public tennis courts for a small fee of $2.00 an hour per player, or $60 for a season pass.

Score with Landmark Vacation Rentals

Landmark Vacation Rentals offers a wide variety of rentals within the plateau area, and many give you the opportunity to play tennis in Highlands, NC. When looking for something to do within the plateau, use some free time to check out the local pastimes such as tennis! Through vacationing with some select vacation rentals, club amenities may apply to you! Check out our selection online to see which rental and its amenities stand out to you!