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Cashiers, NC is known as a quaint, charming and upscale village that vacationers flock to when the southern heat becomes too hot to handle. In Cashiers, you’ll find one-of-a-kind small businesses and unique shops that truly encompass the mountain culture. You won’t be able to find them anywhere else in the country. Cashiers is truly unique in every sense and this is part of its allure.

One thing about Cashiers that can be a bit of a shock to newcomers is its lack of chain stores and restaurants. You won’t find an Applebees, CVS, or Wal-Mart. For people who are coming from bigger cities and who may not be familiar with the area, this might be a challenge. You can drive around aimlessly seeking the familiar logos of the chain stores you rely on for daily needs, like groceries. And you’ll ask yourself, ‘Where do you find groceries in Cashiers, NC?’ This is a question many first-time visitors ask themselves when looking for food to bring back to their mountain vacation rental.

We know Cashiers like the backs of our hands, and we can tell you exactly where you should stop and resupply for all of your food and drink needs.


This is one of two chain stores in all of Cashiers and one of the few Cashiers, NC grocery stores around. The other chain is a Subway restaurant. If you are from the southern part of the United States, you’ll probably recognize this grocery store’s name. It started in Asheville, NC in 1963. Ingles has remained a staple grocery store chain throughout the Southeast since its inception. Now, there are 400 Ingles stores in six states across the south, making it something you may only find here, if you are from other parts of the country.

Ingles in Cashiers will prove to be very helpful to you during your stay here. Of course you’ll find your basic groceries, but you can also find other necessities. You’ll find a selection of drug store-type items, like vitamins, make-up, and sunscreen. There is also a pharmacy for those who may need to refill their medications while they’re staying here.

If you are visiting to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or another life event, there is a fully operating bakery inside, as well as a soup and salad bar if you want to grab a quick lunch. Ingles is going to have a lot of quick-fixes for those typical vacation needs you might have.

Cashiers Farmers Market

A true local gem and favorite, this place is always bustling with activity in the warmer months. The Cashiers Farmers Market isn’t necessarily a Cashiers, NC grocery store, but you will find some solutions for your needs for fresh foods and quenched cravings. The Farmers Market is easy to spot from the Crossroads and it’s about half-a-mile up the road from Ingles.

While you’ll of course find fresh produce here, as you would expect with any farmers market, you can also expect a pleasant and surprising selection of wines, baked goods, local meats and cheeses, and fresh, seasonal seafood! Even more, if you’re craving something sweet, homemade ice cream is available here, too.

The surprises don’t stop there with the Cashiers Farmers Market. There is also a to-go barbeque restaurant located inside! On-The-Side BBQ is great for a pulled pork sandwich. We bet you won’t be able to resist trying it once you step inside and smell it cooking!

A Few Other North Carolina Grocery Stores

Even though those are the only Cashiers, NC grocery stores in Cashiers, other towns, like Highlands and Sapphire, are only a 10-20-minute drive away.

Mountain Fresh Grocery – Highlands

Located on Main Street, Mountain Fresh Grocery is easy to find and serves as a little bit more than your typical small-town grocery store. You’ll find delicious to-go dinner meals and they’re available for you to order on different nights of the week. Some options include low country lobster and shrimp boil on Monday or baby back ribs with baked apple and baked beans on Thursday. Mountain Fresh is a great grocery store to go to if you need to pick up a few things, but want to pick up a fresh take-out meal as well.

Bryson’s – Highlands

Bryson’s is definitely your more classic, hometown grocery store. You can expect a selection of fresh produce, meats and other favorite foods here. They’ll all be easy to find. Bryson’s is located in-town at Highlands Plaza, which you’ll get to by making a left soon after you turn onto Dillard Road. Bryson’s is a great place for you to stop and stock up if you are coming up that way from Georgia.

Dollar General – Sapphire

This is not quite a grocery store, but it’s important for you to know where it is. There is a Dollar General in Sapphire, NC, near our Burlingame office. If you need any quick items, including snacks, drinks, and other knick-knacks, you can always pop over to this Dollar General if you’re staying at one of our vacation rentals in Sapphire, NC.

Landmark Vacation Rentals

Grocery stores can be simple to come by in many towns, but we know if you are new to visiting the area, that you may not know exactly where to go in a town full of almost exclusively local shops. That’s why we created this blog and other guides to help you find exactly what you need around Cashiers, NC, grocery stores included! If you need any help or advice on getting the most out of your mountain vacation, please reach out to us. We love helping others learn to love mountain life like we do!