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Imagine there is a place where you can go to relax and rejuvenate each year. A place you can count on, a familiar place that will calm your soul and soothe your senses each time you visit. It’s your home away from home. That place is Lake Toxaway on the Cashiers Highlands Plateau in Western North Carolina. And it all starts with picking the perfect Lake Toxaway vacation rental.

When you are searching for Lake Toxaway vacation rentals, you want to find homes that are close to restaurants, hiking trails and things to do in Lake Toxaway. If you’re bringing your family dog, you’ll need to find a pet-friendly Lake Toxaway vacation rental. Getting these things right helps you have the best Lake Toxaway vacation experience possible.

This guide to your next Lake Toxaway vacation will help you plan so you can have the ultimate summer getaway, family trip, romantic adventure or a simply relaxing mountain vacation.

Learn about things to do in Lake Toxaway and things to do in the Cashiers Highlands Plateau area, nearby restaurants, the Lake Toxaway Falls, nearby Lake Glenville, and more. When it’s time to pick a Lake Toxaway vacation rental, our professional team of vacation rental agents can help you choose the ultimate pet-friendly home away from home, lakeside retreat that can fit everyone, soothing lake house for a solo trip or a romantic home you and your partner will love.  

things to do in lake toxaway

Things to Do in Lake Toxaway

When you stay in Lake Toxaway, you’ll never sit around and wonder what there is to do. You’ll be trying to figure out how you can fit everything into one trip. If you can’t do it all, don’t worry. You’ll always be welcomed back to one of our Landmark vacation rentals with open arms.

You’ll love lounging around the porch and taking in the views, seeing if you can spot some wildlife, reading that book you’ve been wanting to read or doing some journaling. Everything seems easier and more relaxing at Lake Toxaway. It’s the largest private lake in North Carolina. If you’re looking for peace and quiet in a picturesque setting, this is where you want to go on your next vacation. You’ll also love exploring the other nearby towns on the Plateau while you’re here.

What is there to do in Lake Toxaway?

  • Relax on the porch and take in the views
  • Go for a walk around the private lake
  • Go kayaking or jet skiing
  • Go fishing
  • Eat at the Greystone Inn
  • Be a beekeeper for a day
  • Go find and explore a waterfall
  • Explore the Nantahala National Forest

Things to Do Near Lake Toxaway

things to do near lake toxaway

One great thing about staying in a Lake Toxaway vacation rental is that Lake Toxaway isn’t far from other places to explore on the Plateau. You’ll love exploring Cashiers, Highlands, Lake Glenville and Sapphire Valley.

Here are some things to do near Lake Toxaway:

  • Go to the seasonal Cashiers Farmers Market
  • Visit the public Lake Glenville
  • Go hiking
  • Look for waterfalls
  • If you brought your pup, take them for a hike
  • Go out to eat. There are so many great restaurants!
  • Go out to eat with your pup. Many places on the Plateau are happy to welcome your furry family member.

Cashiers Farmers Market on the Green

Pick up some things to cook with (and maybe some treats, too) and enjoy local treasures for the entire trip. Browse the locally made products and grab some fantastic barbeque.

Lake Glenville Boat Rentals

Lake Glenville is a little bigger than Lake Toxaway and it’s easier to rent boats, kayaks and paddleboards since it’s a public lake. There are also a few waterfalls on the lake for you to take in.

Hiking in Western North Carolina

Western North Carolina is home to a variety of hiking trails. One of the top reasons people visit the area for their next vacation is to get closer to nature. Here are some of the best hiking trails in Western North Carolina so you can completely immerse yourself in the natural surroundings and breathe the fresh mountain air.

Western North Carolina Waterfalls

If you’ve never seen a waterfall, you’re in for a treat. If you have had the pleasure, you’ll love seeing one again. Here are 10 Western North Carolina waterfalls to explore. There are few things as relaxing as a waterfall. Just take our word for it!

Hiking with your Dog

Many of our Landmark vacation rentals are pet-friendly. You can bring your pup with you so they don’t have to miss out on the next vacation. Fido wants to explore the great outdoors, too; especially if they’ve never seen mountains or a landscape like the Cashiers Highlands Plateau. The area is also a temperate rainforest, so there is a lot to take in and explore.

Western North Carolina Restaurants

The Cashiers Highlands Plateau is home to some outstanding restaurants. Visit Highlands’ main street and you’ll run into Wolfgang’s and Wild Thyme, to name a couple. The Ugly Dog is a must-visit establishment, too. These restaurants are pet-friendly so you won’t have to leave Fido behind either! In fact, many restaurants on the Cashiers-Highlands Plateau are pet-friendly. It’s always a good idea to call ahead just to make sure it’s ok to bring your pup.

Lake Toxaway Rentals

This private lake is surrounded by mountains and the kind of rich scenery you’ll only find in Western North Carolina. Get in touch with nature and take a moment to enjoy the impressive landscape around you. We love the lake life and we hope you fall in love with it as much as we have.

Besides being the largest private lake in North Carolina, there are some other interesting facts about Lake Toxaway. It isn’t used as a reservoir or to generate electricity. The lake was built for relaxation and recreation. Perfect for a vacation.

Does a Lake Toxaway vacation rental sound like it’s the right fit for you and your family? If this sounds like you, let us know. Relax in the sunshine, cook family dinners and enjoy them on the porch, and take in the serenity you feel from being on the lake.

Since the lake is private and only vacation rentals with memberships have access, please check with your rental agreement and Landmark Vacations to see what’s available to renters regarding Lake Toxaway and Lake Toxaway amenities.

Lake Toxaway Waterfalls Tips

There is a reason Western North Carolina is affectionately known as the Land of Waterfalls. There are over 200 of them in the region! Toxaway Falls and the Toxaway River are about a mile from Lake Toxaway, making it easy to access from your Lake Toxaway vacation rental.

Lake Toxaway Directions

You’ll find Toxaway Falls on U.S. Highway 64, west of Brevard. But how do you get there? You’ll cross the bridge below the dam for the lake. There are spots where you’ll be able to park on the western (or dam) side of the road. Cross the road and find the walkway along the bridge. See one of nature’s most beautiful creations from the best vantage point as the water slides over the colorful bedrock. You’ll love watching the cascading water flow down the rock slope. You can also see Gorges State Park from here. The northern end of the park borders U.S. 64.

Tips for Visiting Waterfalls

While a waterfall may be an impressive sight, you’ll still need to follow these safety tips so you and your loved ones stay safe:

  • Do not venture into restricted areas or climb on railings, fences, etc.
  • Don’t go onto private land
  • Be careful around slippery surfaces like mud and slick rocks
  • Do not lean over unprotected ledges. Don’t even try it.
  • Definitely don’t climb around or on a waterfall
  • Please do not swim near one, either

Lake Toxaway Restaurants

Here are some Lake Toxaway restaurants to try near your Lake Toxaway vacation rental:

  • The Greystone Restaurant at the Greystone Inn
  • The Falls Café and Grill
  • Villa Amato
  • Panthertown Café LLC

Also keep in mind that our Lake Toxaway vacation rentals come equipped with a full kitchen, utensils, cookware, glassware and dishes. Whether you want to cook a family dinner with some of the bounties you got at the farmers market and enjoy it on your porch, or you want to head over to any of these nearby restaurants for a delicious meal you don’t have to cook yourself, you’ll like knowing you’ve got options.

The Greystone Restaurant at the Greystone Inn

Dine at this fine dining restaurant and take in the soothing and serene views of the lake and surrounding mountains. This is a great place to go for a romantic dinner if you’re celebrating an anniversary. Takeout is also available.

The Falls Café and Grill

While the Greystone Restaurant is more of a formal dining establishment, The Falls Café and Grill is more of a casual restaurant. The Falls Café and Grill also has fantastic views, so you can’t go wrong here, either!

Villa Amato

If you’re craving pizza, you need to try Villa Amato. Besides pizza, this family-owned establishment also serves up other types of Italian food. Reviewers praised the dishes and service.

Panthertown Café LLC

This is where you want to go when you’re craving a home cooked breakfast or lunch. Open Tuesday through Sunday, come here for omelets, eggs, french toast, po boys, burgers and fried chicken. This restaurant is located west of Toxaway Falls. You can head out early from your Lake Toxaway vacation rental, visit the falls and enjoy a hearty breakfast or lunch. Not going to lie, we’re kind of jealous!

Lake Toxaway Marina Tips

Please keep in mind that the Lake Toxaway Marina is only permitted to rent to guests of owners, owners and Greystone Inn patrons. Please contact Landmark to see if you are permitted to rent boats, kayaks, paddleboards and canoes if you are staying in a Lake Toxaway vacation rental with Landmark Vacations. Outside boats are not allowed on the lake.

Lake Glenville is a public lake and it’s about 40 minutes away. It’s a little larger than Lake Toxaway, but it’s not private, so it may be more crowded. It’s a good idea to keep this in mind and plan accordingly. You may rent boats, canoes, kayaks and paddleboards on Lake Glenville. Enjoy a day of boating and water sports and come back to your Lake Toxaway vacation rental and relax and enjoy a quiet sunset.

Dog-Friendly Lake Toxaway Vacation Rentals

dog friendly lake toxaway vacation rentals

At Landmark, we pride ourselves on being a dog-friendly company. In fact, the Cashiers Highlands Plateau is a very dog-friendly location. There are countless shops and boutiques that cater to dogs and a variety of pet-friendly restaurants you can visit with your pup.

There’s nothing a dog loves more than exploring and running around. You can take your furry family member with you while you explore Western North Carolina hiking trails and waterfalls and they’ll have a blast. Having Fido there with you will also make the activity more enjoyable.

Let us know if you’re looking for a Lake Toxaway vacation rental that can accommodate pets. We have options available and we’d love to find something that works for you and your furry family member. We can’t wait to help you and your pet create lasting memories you’ll cherish for years to come. That starts with your Lake Toxaway vacation rental.

Since Lake Toxaway is private and only vacation rentals with memberships have access, please check with your rental agreement and Landmark Vacations to see what’s available to renters regarding Lake Toxaway and Lake Toxaway amenities.

Lake Glenville Rentals

We’ve told you about Lake Toxaway vacation rentals and what a Lake Toxaway vacation experience would be like. If you’re interested in the public Lake Glenville, Landmark has vacation homes there as well.

Lake Glenville is a popular North Carolina summer vacation destination, especially for the Fourth of July holiday. Rent a boat, or bring your own. Our Vacation Planning Advisors can help you find a boat rental and a Lake Glenville vacation rental with a dock.

Plan Your Lake Toxaway Vacation Experience Today

Come experience the magic of Lake Toxaway vacation rentals. Bring all of your favorite people, and your fur baby, too. We’ve got room for everyone! Now that you know more about Lake Toxaway and the surrounding area, you’ll need to choose your Landmark vacation rental. We’ve got options. From single-family homes that can fit everyone, to cozy lake homes perfect for a couple’s anniversary, we have something that can accommodate every type of vacationer. Contact us today to start learning more about choosing your Lake Toxaway vacation rental and planning your next Lake Toxaway vacation experience.