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Highlands, NC is such a beautiful and fun place to visit. Whether it’s going shopping downtown, exploring one of the many hiking trails, seeing one of the beautiful waterfalls the area has to offer, or witnessing wildlife in their natural habitat. With it being fall, the leaves are changing, animals are preparing for winter, and the weather is nice and cool; definitely things worth seeing. However, as you’re journeying through Highlands, you will need to gather groceries to continue your adventure during your stay. It is very important to make sure you are prepared for any adventure that awaits you by having plenty of snacks, meals, drinks, and other essentials you might require whether you are spending the day walking around town or hiking in one of our many wooded areas. Highlands does not have too many grocery stores to offer, but the ones that are offered are definitely worth your business.

Mountain Fresh Grocery

Mountain Fresh Grocery, located on 521 East Main Street, is not just a grocery store where you purchase specialty food and wine, it is also a restaurant. This is one of the Highlands grocery stores that is a regular go to for several locals and the staff is very warm and welcoming. The owners, Steve and Jennifer Snead-Smith, are not the original owners of Mountain Fresh but have definitely made it their own. Three of their children have even joined them in running this wonderful business. Mountain Fresh for a long time has not just been a store, but a gathering place for the community, and the Snead-Smiths have helped maintain that.

Here, everyone can acquire something they want. They have wood-fired pizza, baked goods, artisan cheeses, coffee that is roasted in-house with beans from all over the world, grilled products such as burgers and sandwiches, a deli, as well as seasonal items. On Friday nights, they have a steak night that a lot of regulars come to every Friday night. While enjoying that steak, you can eat outside where they have a wood-burning fireplace that can keep you warm if it’s cold outside.  At the bar, there is a great selection of beer, some are local, and a great selection of wine as well. The bar also apparently has a great mimosa as well! If you want to order to go there is an app you can download to order your food! They also have a delivery van that can bring you whatever you need from the store as well. This is definitely a treasure to the locals and all who visit Highlands and it gives everything that a person might want while they are in Highlands.


Bryson’s Food Store

Bryson’s Food Store is one of Highlands grocery stores that has been around for a while. They first opened in 1977 by Jim Bryson, 26 years old at that time, and his brothers who started this business. Located at 103 Highlands Plaza, it is a great choice for all of your grocery needs as well as excellent customer service.

This local gem has a grocery and dairy department, fresh produce, gourmet wine and craft beer, a deli, and a meat and seafood department. The grocery and dairy department contains an ample selection of gourmet, organic and other important items. When it comes to their fresh produce, this department is filled with their fresh produce for the season with a lot of organic and local choices. As far as their gourmet wine and craft beer section, they have many options to choose from! The options include foreign and domestic beers and wines as well as customer service who can assist you with the options presented and special orders. Their deli has Boar’s Head meats and cheeses as well as a large variety of sandwiches (pre-made or made-to-order), daily breakfast specials, daily lunch specials, and pre-cooked meals. The meat and seafood department has multiple options of USDA Prime and choice meats, as well as organic choices and seafood that is fresh. This is one of Highlands grocery stores that is worth your business.

Dusty Rhode’s Superette

Dusty Rhode’s Superette is another one of Highland’s grocery stores that is a family run business (second generation) that is a wonderful place to get your everyday grocery needs. Located on 493 Dillard Road and open since the early 1950’s, it is nostalgic of a more uncomplicated time and was once the area’s only grocery store! It is well known for its fantastic butcher shop and crisp meats as well as deli specialty foods and bakery. If you’re looking for a place that is reasonably priced, Dusty’s should be your go to. Dusty’s is treasured by the locals and is a great grab and go for tourists.

Ingles in Cashiers

On The Plateau, this is where the majority of the locals and visitors do the majority of their shopping. People drive from Lake Toxaway and the other side of Highlands to reach this grocery store on Highway 64 East in Cashiers. This may not be one of Highlands’ grocery stores and Highlands contains a select few wonderful local grocery stores, however Ingles seems to have endless options that will complete anyone’s grocery list. From the large area in the store where you can get a meal to go, the deli, seafood counter, large selection of grocery products, produce, dairy, wine/beer selection, home goods, HBA products, and pet care; it’s hard to compete with the variety of items at this store. Also to begin your grocery shopping, there is a Starbucks up front that serves some of the best coffee in the area. Some locals just come in on their way to work to pick up their daily coffee from there. The customer service is top notch and will assist you in whatever you need help with. You can even find the owner out stocking the shelves and helping customers! They really care about the store as well as their customers and it shows.

Vacation Rentals in Western North Carolina!

Whether you’re planning your vacation around going shopping, or you’re wanting to go explore nature, there are a few great places to get your grocery shopping done while you’re here visiting. Landmark Vacation Rentals has amazing properties to rent throughout the plateau, so you can come and experience our way of life and find everything you need to make your journey as comfortable as possible. Stay in a lakeside cabin or single-family home and enjoy the view and the area’s breathtaking landscape. Right now is a wonderful time to come visit the Plateau. With the leaves changing, the area take on a whole different level of beauty. People from all over the world come to visit the area just to see the leaves change and experience our wonderful fall weather. While you’re here, relax and take a break from your everyday life, roast marshmallows on an open fire, go explore our wilderness with plenty of snacks and drinks, grab a cup of coffee before shopping, enjoy a nice meal with your family outside in the fall weather, create memories that you will always cherish, breathe in that crisp fall air and most importantly have a wonderful time on the Plateau.