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If you are familiar with us, you know that Cashiers, NC has been a vacation haven in the south for many families for the past few generations. Some of the best parts about living and staying in Cashiers are the culinary delights located within the village.

In future blog posts, we’ll cover the best restaurants in neighboring towns like Highlands and Sapphire, NC, but for now, we’ll give you the run down on the best restaurants in Cashiers, NC.

The Ugly Dog Pub – Cashiers (and Highlands, NC)

If you are looking for a casual, fun night out, everyone who is local heads to The Ugly Dog (in either one of their locations!). We feel like we are kindred spirits with The Ugly Dog Pub. For one, our office is right next to The Ugly Dog in Cashiers and we frequent them often for lunch! We also share something else in common with their dining room. When you walk into either Ugly Dog location, you’ll notice frames upon frames of dog photos. When you walk into either our Highlands or Crossroads office, you’ll find frames of dog paintings, too. Landmark Realty Group is a dog-friendly company, so places that celebrate dogs are friends to us! Fruity cocktails and regional beers are available at either location of The Ugly Dog Pub, along with an easy, casual menu. In other words, you can watch the game, and get that juicy burger and beer you’ve been craving since you got into town! Locals will tell you this is one of the best restaurants in Cashiers, NC. It’s one of the best spots in Highlands, NC, too!

Zookeeper Bistro – Cashiers, NC

Open for over a decade, The Zookeeper Bistro is a restaurant in the Slab Town Plaza, in Cashiers. While The Zookeeper Bistro serves breakfast and lunch exclusively, folks love to frequent them for weekend brunch. The Zookeeper Bistro serves an array of mouthwatering breakfast and brunch dishes, like Belgium waffles with fresh strawberries, crab omelets with avocado or a vegetarian quiche with fresh fruit. If you are visiting around lunchtime, you can expect an array of fresh salads and sandwiches. There is something for everyone. For over a decade, this eatery has consistently ranked as one of the best restaurants in Cashiers, NC.

Whiteside Brewing – Cashiers, NC

Craft beer lovers wanted! This is where you’ll want to hang out in Cashiers. Whiteside Brewing is just a stone’s throw away from the Cashiers Crossroads, and it’s very easy to find. Indoor, outdoor and patio seating where you can bring your dogs and kids to hang out make Whiteside one of the most fun weekend hangouts. Of course, what makes Whiteside stand out is their incredible selection of craft beer. And of course, you came to this blog to read about food, so don’t worry, Whiteside Brewing has a menu that consists of small plates, sandwiches and soups that you can munch on while you’re there. If you aren’t a beer lover, Whiteside is known for having great dishes regardless, so you should definitely check it out. After all, it’s one of the best restaurants in Cashiers, NC.


Randevu is another restaurant open year-round and it’s one of the few places you can get breakfast in Cashiers. Grab one of their various omelets and a coffee to start your day, or wait until lunch time and enjoy a Cranberry Chicken Salad Wrap, a Black Bean Burger Wrap or try a Curry Chicken Salad with Pineapple, if you’d like something lighter. Randevu is located just past the Cashiers Farmers Market on the left.

The Orchard

The Orchard has been open for 20 years, and has consistently provided excellent food for its guests ever since. The Orchard in Cashiers serves American cuisine with southern flare, so you can expect dishes like crab cakes, Carolina quail and fried green tomatoes. And those are just appetizers! Meat eaters will love the selection of beef, venison and lamb. Reservations are recommended with this restaurant so you can secure your spot for dinner. They’re open year round as well, which is great for those visiting in the off-season.

Slab Town Pizza

This local pizza joint doesn’t do delivery, but it’s worth making the trip to Slab Town for a pie! If you’re a picky eater, or you like to try it all, you’ll love that you can build your own pizza. Choose from several types of sauces and an array of toppings to craft your dream pizza. Slab Town Pizza prides itself on having the freshest ingredients and putting a lot of love into a unique spin on America’s favorite food. Slab Town is one of the few restaurants that remain open throughout the winter, so you can enjoy their pizza all year long, no matter when you stay.


Cornucopia is a hotspot for lunch in Cashiers, especially in the summertime, as it’s been open for decades. The dining room at Cornucopia is like dining on the front porch. The restaurant has a patio-like layout. They even call themselves “Cashiers’ favorite porch.” The menu consists of appetizers like smoked trout dip, leafy salads, bisques, sandwiches of all kinds and more of your favorite lunch foods. The rule of thumb is to get here as it opens to ensure you have little to no wait, as it fills up quickly! Those who have been living in or visiting the mountains for years will proudly dub this eatery one of the best restaurants in Cashiers, NC.

Chile Loco

If Mexican dishes are what you are craving, Chile Loco is located in Slab Town and has a long menu of fresh, authentic Latin-centric meals. The environment is bright, vibrant and fun which makes it a great place to go in the evening for dinner or just margaritas if you’d like to grab a drink. Chile Loco prides itself on staying true to the culture of Hispanic food, so this is a great place to go if you want genuine Latin flavor and flare with your meal.

On-The-Side Barbecue

If you’re in the mood for BBQ in Cashiers, we have the perfect place for you. On-The-Side Barbecue is located within the Cashiers Farmers Market. It’s strictly takeout, but you are always welcome to sit on the benches outside or take your meal across the street to The Village Green and have a picnic. Although On-The-Side Barbecue is tucked away inside The Farmers Market, it’s no secret to residents of Cashiers. If you want some North Carolina-style barbecue, but you aren’t sure what to order, the pulled pork sandwich is a classic and you can never go wrong with it!

Landmark Vacations Include Good Eats

Aside from the gorgeous landscape and fun hikes, the unique dining experience you can have on the plateau is a major driving force behind why people continue to vacation here. We hope this list of the best restaurants in Cashiers, NC helps make your vacation even more special. We advise anyone reading this list to either call ahead before you visit a restaurant for reservations, if possible. It’s also a good idea to see what their adjusted hours might be depending on the season. You’ll be surprised at just how many dining options you have during your stay. If you are a little overwhelmed at the possibilities, ask one of our team members at Landmark Vacations for their recommendations. We know the area well and can point you in the perfect direction for you.